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Will Cauthen - Owner/Developer
My name is Will and I specialize in developing custom business apps, automations, and reports using Microsoft's Power Platform. I have a strong background in systems administration, networking, troubleshooting and lean management.
I document unique strategies and how-to's on my blog. I also offer development and training services.

Develop on a limitless platform

In today's world, agility and efficiency are not just advantages—they're necessities. Microsoft's Power Platform is your gateway to leveling the playing field, offering small and mid-sized businesses a secret weapon in standing toe-to-toe with industry giants.

Develop custom apps and automations 10 times faster, at a fraction of the cost. Get ahead with solutions that are not just about keeping up but setting the pace.



Interactive service involving training, coaching or troubleshooting. This can be done over a Teams/Zoom call. Sometimes you need a second set of eyes!

Solution Building

Need a custom business app or automation built? Offering hourly and Scope of Work options for project engagements. Don't pay until you're happy.

Emergency Services

Need immediate help troubleshooting a broken Power App or Power Automate flow?
Customer REVIEW

Will has saved me again! You will not find a more personable and knowledgeable person! Always professional and very helpful with all of the questions that I had for him. I have learned more from Will in 2 sessions than I have all year! Status: Hero!

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